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Why we  advocate Quality Sleep to Boost Immune System against COVID-19 – NSP

By Charles Nwaoguji
As the country and the world wakes up to the present reality of life with coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Mouka in collaboration with the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP), has urged Nigerians to imbibe the culture of quality sleep which helps in boosting the immune system against diseases.
The partnership on a healthy sleep culture came on the heels of the advocacy by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and health institutions across the globe, that people should live a healthy lifestyle that would enhance their immune system, especially in this period of the pandemic.
As an advocate of healthy sleep, Mouka, the foremost manufacturers of mattresses and beddings in Africa’s most populous nation, has a portfolio of quality products which cater to the needs of the different segment of the society, to make quality sleep attainable.

The Managing Director of the company, Raymond Murphy, said in it’s market-leading range are the Wellbeing orthopaedic mattresses and Mondeo Spring mattress which are endorsed by the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy.

According to the Vice President of the NSP, Dr Nnenna Nina Chigbo, in an interview recently published in a national daily, healthy immune system which can be derived from quality sleep on comfortable mattresses like those of Mouka can resist the COVID-19 pandemic and other infections.

She said documented evidence shows that certain cells that help fight infections in the body increase significantly during sleep, which results inthe proper functioning of the body, including immune function, tissue healing, pain modulation, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, learning and memory.

“During quality sleep, hormones that help our body are better regulated. On the other hand, lack of sleep can cause long term issues such as a lower immunity and it can increase the risk of conditions such as diabetes, heart and cardiovascular issues and obesity. These complications increase your risk of contracting viral diseases like the COVID-19,” Chigbo explained.

She remarked that poor sleep leads to sleep disorders like restless leg syndrome, jetlag, and narcolepsy, which adversely affects health.

“A good quality mattress determines a great deal how well you will sleep. The body needs to align well with the mattress – not too soft and not too hard. A bad mattress can affect the spine and cause damage to the body, the quality of sleep and can be detrimental to physical, mental health and overall quality of life,” she added.

Against this backdrop, the NSP recommends quality sleep to curb these disorders in its propagation of a healthy sleep culture for a strong immune system.

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