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COVID-19: Private School Teachers  demands  palliatives


By Pual Sogbetu

On the increasing cases of COVID-19, Dr Owolabi was asked on this show to explain how private school teachers have been coping.

Private School Teachers  demands  palliatives

The Private School Teachers has called on Federal government to give them their own palliatives as it is done to other sectors of the economy.


THEY ARE LOOSING STEAM, THEY ARE ALMOST REGRETTING BEING PRIVATE SCHOOL TEACHERS, no pension and no salaries. What a world of hopelessness

These teachers are Nigerians, they are our citizens.

They are our brothers and sisters.

They are tax payers by all standards

They are those who chose the growth of our children.

They are our men and women who go to the same market with the rest of us.

They are those who have made schooling much more easier.


Remember, since the LOCKDOWN or STAY-AT-HOME they had remained at home like the rest of us.

They stopped collecting salaries since March 2020

They cannot go around doing their any private lesson.

They cannot organise their own private online, it is expensive

They cannot go to different homes, it is too risky to do that

They cannot find any one other job to do, it is not the best time to invest.

They must be assisted by govts-federal, state, local and even corporate bodies.

Every other businesses are getting back,  the traders, the hawkers, the nurses,  doctors,  drivers, food sellers,  ministry officials and others.

But,  the teachers are not in the list and have remained the least to be considered to resume work.

STIPEND, OR CALL IT TOKEN will not be a bad idea for the teachers all the country.

The public school teachers, we know will receive their salaries,  this is because they are paid from budgetary allocation of the federal, state or local govt.

Even if the lockdown stays for months, the public school teachers will continually get paid. Not so for the private school teachers whose remuneration is consequent upon school fees.

It is not too much to help them. It is not an extravagance to assist them and it is not too bad and idea to extend a hand of fellowship to this set of Nigerians who have helped the public school, who have helped the country.

At hyfield we always imagine the situation of education in their absence.

In their absence-

Admission into public primary schools will be war

Admission into secondary schools will be a tall order

So many children today,  will not go beyond primary school

Schools will be a place for the rich alone

Books would be used and re-used over and again

Those working at public schools would be demi-gods

Several children will be aged and still be looking for secondary or primary school admission.

And many more catastrophies that will be experienced.

Govt knows how to allocate so much money to buy cars, furnitures,  and dresses for our honorables

Govt knows how throw money during election campaigns and  elections

Govt knows how to change the fleet of cars for the traditional rulers and send money to the houses of worship.

The govt knows ways used to settle area boys and street urchins

They know  how they share their pack of rice to the women and men who hover round them.

They must know how to help these helpless teachers, these people who chose the future of our  children ahead of other professions,  these teachers who agreed to grow our nation.

However little there must be a help

They must get their own share of palliatives

They must be given their own lockdown supplement



Teacher scarcity

Lack of interest in the job.



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