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How marriage needs to be enjoy, not endure  


God originally designed every marriage to work well, especially the marriage of his Christians. This is affirmed in 1 Timothy 6:17. The living God who gives us richly all things to enjoy, part of all things God has given to us to enjoy is marriage.

Marriage is not to be enduredbut to be enjoyed in righteousness, peace, joy and in Holy Ghost according to Romans 14:17 is everything about the kingdom of God.

God’s plan if for His kingdom to be brought down into our homes. Every Christian is supposed to create small heavens here on earth in their respective homes. Many Christianshave found themselves in some problems today because they never set their priorities right.Until a Christian knows how to set priority right by pulling the first thing first, hisbusiness/profession/ministry and marriage will always be deviled by problems.

How does a Christian set his priority right? To get the priority right in the business and marriage, a Christian must know this, that he is first a husband, then a father and finally a ministry, there are some Christians who believe that ministry comes first before any other thing. A Christian must be able to balance marriage and ministry, Christians must therefore know and follow the following principles of what makes a marriage to be successful and at the same time enjoy their marriages here on earth as there is no marriage in Heaven:

  • God designs marriage to work and there is no marriage that cannot work.
  • There are notwo people in marriage that are incompatible if they know how to make each other compatible.
  • Marriage does not work automatically, it required hard work to make it work.
  • Knowledge is the real anointing that makes marriage work, anointing alone is not enough.
  • It takes determination for any marriage to work as every marriage has the tendency to fail.
  • Marriage works when the couple is ready to learn and take corrections for each other.
  • Success in marriage is more than finding the right person.
  • It takes two to have a quarrel but takes one to settle it.


To God be all the glory, honour and adoration for the privilege, grace He endows us as Christians to remain married.








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