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Low patronage at Lagos International Trade

By Divine Nweke

This year Lagos International trade fair may have low turn out due to economic down turn.
Those who spoke skybirdnews Group expressed worries over the turn out of customers to their stand at the fair.

Odunfa Adegboyega, Nkoyo Home and Kitchen Appliances, said that the trade fair has being tedious for him because he uses all his strength to market and attract people since the use of speakers is prohibited.

“The trade fair has been tedious because of some of the conditions given to us by the management such as no use of speakers and music because of the China and Japanese foreigners.

They said it disturbs them, as you can see my voice is cracked because I have been shouting so as to attract crowd to my stand. The management choose to please foreigners instead of its own people. My pay here is based on commission so i have to use all my energy to market and get customers. People are not trooping in as I expected compared to last year. Today is the fourth day as I have not made up to N500,000 however, as at this time last year I have made up to N1,000,000 to N2,000,000. I hope coming days get better. ”

An entrepreneur who sells shoes, Mr Ibrahim Olatunji, CEO IB stores, said that the environment is not bubbling and crowded as compared to last year trade fair adding that this is because of the prohibition of music, dancing and use of speakers.

” By this time last year I had made numerous sales but the case is different today being the fourth day. The management said playing of music and use of speakers is not allowed because the China people said the noise disturbs them and they fall sick after trade fair. Normally, the music and dances attract people and afterwards they buy things but no music everywhere as you can see is not as lively as it use to be and this has greatly affected sales. Though, this is the fourth day, I am still hopeful that people will come to patronise us.”

Ogochukwu Ogueze, CEO OgoBest, said the starting of the fair is usually slow but as time goes by people come in thousands however being the fourth day the turn out is still not commendable as compared to last year trade fair.

“Last year trade fair was really crowded than this but I think people want to come towards the ending because of the believe that by then prices of things would have come down. This is not always true. I am still expecting people to come more than this. The major challenge we are facing is the non use of music and speakers to attract people. Music and dancing is not allowed in this year’s fair according to the management because of foreigners. People turn out is still low now but we are still hope that before Thursday this place will be full to the brim.”

Another Entrepreneur who deals with Furniture said that the fair has been dull adding that no music made it so and it is not as crowded as it use to be. The turn out is very low but we can we do but to expect more people. Today is Monday, we pray that before Wednesday the turn out will be greater and we pray this year’s trade fair is better than last year.”

According to Ayo of Seeds of Beauty, being her first trade fair she expected the place to be over crowded according to what she hears about the fair.

“This is my first trade fair and I was looking forward to seeing a crowded place but reverse is the case. Though my colleague said it is because it is just starting that people will start coming in large numbers towards the ending because they believe things will be cheaper then and companies would not want to go back with their goods when it is coming to an end. So I anticipate more people to come.”

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