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Why Alaba Int’l Mkt needs prayer

By Charles Nwaoguji

The Executive Chairman of St. Peter/Ibidoja Electronics & Allied Dealers Association (SPIEADA), Chief Victor Onyido has called on market members to pray for peace and unity of Alaba Internztional Market as this is the only to attract customers to the market.

Onyido, who stated at the Prayer revival programme, held recently at SPIEADA section of Alaba International Market, said without peace and unity no mean full progress would achieved.

He noted that the market will not rise above its present “challenges” toward realising its goal of being the best electronics market in whole of Africa and the world without prayer.

“What are needed now in this market is prayers. Every section of the market should come together and pray for the progress and unity of the market,” he added.

GO 1 Why Alaba Int’l Mkt needs prayer

According to the Secretary of the Association, Mr. Chidiebere Ewereaku, this is the first of its kind in Alaba International for any section to closed down shops and pray, the way we have started. We are the first section within the market to organized this kind of prayer.

We decided to organized this prayer in order to bring sanity to the market and make our business to boost.

He noted that since , the prayer started, it has reduced criminal in the market. The cases of theft has reduced greatly.
He said that the prayer is being organized every last Thursday of the month of every three months to glorified the Name of God.

ALA 3 300x142 Why Alaba Int’l Mkt needs prayer

He stated that it is programme everybody in section look forth to see because every live are touched and businesses are take to next level.

He said that prayer is about focus and discipline, traits that have great relevance to daily business performance.

“ Those who do so daily find meditative value in clearing their mind and grounding their soul, so they can deal with people in a strong, calm, and centered manner,” he added.

He noted that the prayer programme gives them the space to focus on what is really important and at the same time mentally and emotionally prepares them for what ever is coming their way, be it challenge or opportunity.

Comment on the programme, he said the programme is being organized once in every three months. “We closed down our shops to honour God , Who is are our creator.”

“We also visited charity homes to give arms to them. We believe in giving to the needy . This is our own little way of Corporate social Responsibility, giving back to the society ,” he said.

Speaking on a message with tagged ,”Behold I will give you power” the Man of God, Apostle Oliver Moses said that a lot of Christian does not know the kind of power they have.

GO 2 264x300 Why Alaba Int’l Mkt needs prayer

For this reason, Apostle Moses noted that a lot of Christians does not apply this power when needed.

The man of God stated that the only way to have the power of God , is for us to get closely to Him, adding that some people misuses the God’s power when they are given.

On where the programmes will be in the next three years, he said, programmes would be the best in Lagos and beyond , we are looking forth to take the programmes to next level.

He advised to those in the market to serve God. “You can still serve God and do genuine business as businessman.

He called on every Christian in the market to serve God and excises the power of God which God Himself has given to them.
He explained that earlier before this prayer programme stated, there are usual to be lot of Hoodlums in the market but the prayer has reduced the activities of these Hoodlums to the glory of God.

“Hoodlum are always in our section, which make customers not to come and buy goods, but since the prayer started, all that has gone. We now have peace in the market. It is a place where people walk freely now and do their business,” the Man of God added.

He said that God is ready give His power to everyone, who ask for it. We all need it to overcome the challenges of life.

Where the programmes will in the next three years, he said, this programmes would be the best in whole of Lagos and beyond , we are looking forth to take the programmes to next level.

“MY advised to those in the market is that they should serve God, they can still serve God and be businessmen,” he added.

ALA 2 300x213 Why Alaba Int’l Mkt needs prayer

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